Saturday, 7 June 2008


A great YouTube video has been posted here...


kimbow said...

A great example of a great protest I was there today I felt great being a part of it all. Ive lived in yapton for 22 years and that field was my out look from my bedroom window(Downview Close)for most of my life the thought of it being bulldozed and coverd in houses spoiling that amazing veiw is a very scary and upseting thought. Lets hope that Mr Brown opens up his hart and mind to see that this idear of Eco is rubbish and not so friendly after all.

Mike said...

Hi, glad my video has been seen as helpful.
I have lived in Yapton for nine years (Downview Close also) and my wife and I have always enjoyed the area.
It would be sacrilege to build on any of this land!
Trees giving way to tower cranes, dust dirt, traffic chaos.
Our trains are already full in the morning and evening rush! so thats not the answer either! nor is building a new station.
There is just not enough capacity on the rails. I know I work on the trains.

I wonder if those with the final say have even visited this area to see the places they want to destroy?

Lets never give up the fight for our heritage and that of those to come!

Mike mikesndbs

Mr Gummidge said...


Can you contact me?