Thursday, 5 June 2008

Slogans for Saturday

So we've been thinking about possible slogans for Saturday's march!

Put some ideas up - here are a few - some more surreal than others - which says something about the people I asked for ideas!!!!:

  • Not Eco, just Gordon
  • Not Eco, just Green Wash
  • Grow food not concrete
  • Ecce Eco - No No (Well at least it would be good for a chant)
  • They tried to make me go all Eco - I said No, No, No (Bit of Amy!!)
  • Eco-Town - oxymoron of the year
  • Eco Eco Eco - Out Out Out
  • A million Carrots not a million bricks
  • Conkers not concrete
  • Green fields not a Brown legacy
  • Beetroots not commuter roots


Mr Gummidge said...

We need MEGAPHONES or Brian Blessed!!!

Geoff Dixon said...

I agree!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What about:
Eco Mad?!!!
Grade One Madness (refering to the quality of our farmland).