Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dear Caroline

I chose to live in Yapton Village because my parents settled here in 1967 to bring my sister and I up away from the slums of Portsmouth where my Father (Fred Jackson), grew up.

Fred was a proud man, he self built our family home here in Yapton, and ran his own business as a Blacksmith in Mead Lane, Bognor. There are plenty of examples of his work around Sussex - he was commissioned to create the Millennium Beacon on Bognor Regis sea front.

He enjoyed the countryside and loved nature - it was often an inspiration for his iron work. When Fred passed away less than three years ago, only eight days after my Mother, he truly believed he was going back to nature - this is the nature you want to concrete over with a so called Eco-Town.

Fred would not have supported an Eco-Town and I feel that forcing this upon me is an abuse to my right to live in a very special part of Sussex, where I know my Mother and Father in memory, are not far away.

Please listen to the people, not developers.

kind regards,

Ms Tracey Jackson