Saturday, 21 June 2008


Tricia Wales is determined to fight to keep her piece of paradise from being destroyed...

M. Moss of Belloc Road is in full agreement with those who say "no", but no one has written about all our pubs shutting in Littlehampton. I agree MR Moss Littlehampton needs regeneration - an Eco Town would create more pub closures and job losses

Cliff Brown, of Climping Writes the announcement of the downgrading of St Richard's Hospital in Chichester will surely mean that the dreaded Ford Eco-Town and its 10,000-plus residents would more than overrun both Worthing's and Chichester's hospitals.

Peter Slowe, Angmering - disagrees with Harold Hall (DON'T WE ALL!!!), who thinks that the possible Eco-Town should be used to promote a new Arundel bypass.

Richard Brennan, Climping asks with reference to Harold Hall's letter regarding the Eco-Town and the Arundel bypass (Gazette, June 5) – assuming the proposed Eco-Town is given the go-ahead, should not the bypass be built first?

... And finally Tony Dixon, Harold Hall and John Penfold pen an amusing attack attack against our MP's! Signs of desperation by these three - and I have to question this paragraph, "as local people, with experience of local government at county, district and parish levels, we became increasingly aware of, and concerned at, the housing, transport and employment problems in Arun district". WHAT NONSENSE!

Tony Dixon, Harold Hall and John Penfold - you are welcome to email me your CV's detailing your experience of local government at county, district and parish levels and why you left these post. I am sure it will make interesting reading for us all!

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