Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Eco-Towns to fine residents for driving!

Motorists living in Gordon Brown's futuristic green communities face fines for driving their cars out of town, under radical proposals being drawn up by ministers, The Times has learnt.

Residents of the largely pedestrianised eco-towns may also be expected to park their cars at the outskirts and walk or cycle to their homes, up to ten minutes away. Read more here...

Some comments
Don't forget that the Hanley Grange proposed Eco town is from Tesco's - no doubt they would do very nicely if the only alternative to buying from them would be to pay a fine if you wanted to go to an alternative supermarket!
Geoff DIxon, Climping, West Sussex

I cannot imagine there will be many people who would wish to buy a price inflated house in one of these concentration camps and they will certainly not be able to sell it when they find they want to get out.
Hugh Bladon (Maj Ret'd), weston-super-Mare

But Ford in Sussex already HAS an open prison. Why does it need a second one?
Gordon Alexander, Frome, UK

What sort of community will such a town have? There won't be any older residents, or those with disabilities that rely on cars to get about. There is an assumption that everyone wants to cycle - many don't - or can't for mobility reasons. What a future, which caters only for the able-bodied.
Valerie Wenham, London

It sounds completely, utterly dire - hell on earth. Greenie couples will flock to these places, and bring up children, who will become teenagers, and will hate it and their parents and get kicked out for antisocial behaviour. Just because Germans can bear to live like that, doesn't mean we should.
Kiera Hardie, Kennaquhair, UK

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keithc said...

That settles it!
If this monstrosity gets built, I am going to start a taxi business, get disgustingly rich and move to Tuscany.