Friday, 29 August 2008

OFFICIAL - Only 50 Hectares of Brownfield land in whole of Arun District

The Department for Communities and Local Government today released figures on the amount of land which is previously developed etc (Brownfield) which may be available for housing and other development (Technology parks, marinas, parkway stations etc etc).

Report here:-

Interestingly for the whole of Arun district, there is only 13ha previously developed land, 26ha land currently in use but with potential for housing development and (with other categories) - makes a total of only 50 ha in the whole district.- From Ferring to Pagham, and Littlehampton to Findon.

Now, our friends at Ford Airfield Vision Group (a misnomer if ever I heard one) and Ford Enterprise Hub, claim their (eco) new town covers 350ha, which even if all this identified "brownfield" land is at Ford, and within the curtilage of the land their greedy farmers wish to concrete over; that is only 1/7th (14.3%) of their new town land - that's therefore 85.7% which if it ain't brownfield land, must be greenfield land.

This is for the whole of Arun district too!


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