Thursday, 28 August 2008

Another one bites the dust - Tesco withdraw Hanley Grange

Announced today - Hanley Grange in Cambridgeshire is now off the list of Eco Towns. This was the site proposed by Tescos and universally opposed by local residents. A few weeks ago a partner in the scheme, the Wellcome Trust, withdrew their land from the proposal.

Today Tescos has followed suit and bowed to the local opposition and withdrawn from the Government's shortlist.

Here is a link to the local newspaper - - it is interesting to read the quote from Tescos:

"We also believe a genuinely sustainable community stands the best chance of being successful if a broad range of stakeholders in the region feel fully engaged in the process leading up to a decision."

I think we can take that as recognition from Tescos that their involvement in this undemocratic Eco Town process, looking to impose huge developments against the wishes of all concerned, is never going to lead to success. They are reserving the right to bring their proposal back again through local democracy - would that the Ford Eco Town proposers would do the same! But the partners in the Ford Airfield 'Vision' Group have failed trying that so many times that theyknow that local democracy will not allow them to ruin our countryside. I doubt they've got the nerve to risk it!

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