Saturday, 30 August 2008

Is Flint listening?

Caroline Flint has asked people all over the country to write and email with their concerns regarding the Eco-Town shortlist. This was to be a democratic public consultation, however, for some reason her department has fallen silent on the matter.

I wrote several letters to Ms Flint who has chosen not to responded to any of my concerns. It appears Ms Flint and Labour are ignoring the facts that eco-towns in some areas are unwanted and unconvincing, despite the green bodge job glossed over this absurd idea.

We had only three months to voice our concerns... Everyday I wait for a response... Its been several months now Ms Flint... Is this democratic and fair?

Hi Mr. Gummidge. Hope you had a good summer.

I am trying to comment on the Does Caroline Folint Listen entry in the Blog but, as usual, stumble when I have to enter my password and user name - which is never recognised. However, perhaps you would be kind enough to print my comment below on that entry. Many thanks, Tricia Wales

I too have written to ms Flint on several occasions and have sent a copy of each letter to Gordon Brown. I have received two letters from 10 Downing Street thanking me and acknowledging the copy letters I have sent, but surprise surprise not a dicky bird from Caroline Flint Which shows what an ignorant, uneducated individual we are dealing with here, who is without even basic common courtesy or manners!

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Wontbedruv said...

Like the previous commenter, I have written to Caroline Flint on more than one occasion, and also to the eco towns team at the DCLG.
Like everyone ,surprise surprise, not a dicky bird in reply, not even an acknowledgement of my letters, although I did get very courteous and informative letters from messrs Herbert and Gibb (I cc'd them in on my letters).
It does seem a bit much to ask us for our views in a big pretence of being a 'listening', democratic kind of government, and then to completely ignore us and refuse to answer any of the issues and concerns that we have.
In fact all Ms Flint has done is insult us in the Media. I don't think she has got her head round the fact we are not all necessarily Tory Supporters, and her crude smearing of us will backfire on her methinks.