Sunday, 20 July 2008

Caroline Flint's amazing memory lapse.

I love a good mystery ... and it's a mystery to me how Ms. Flint, who is - after all - a cabinet minister, can suffer from such severe memory lapses!

The following is a question - along with her response - taken from an interview with Lucy Alexander which appeared in the Sunday times a few weeks back.

(LA)" What about the opponents of eco-towns?"

(CF) "Part of this first stage is myth-busting. Local governments were concerned that eco-towns would be added to existing housing targets. This is not the case: eco-towns will be part of the overall target."

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Poor Caroline, how tedious it must be for her to have to deal with myths, half-truths and misrepresentations in her struggle to sell eco-towns to the nation!

So, where did this myth originate?

After days of painstaking research, secret telephone calls and numerous meetings with "deep throat" in an underground car-park, I can reveal that the source of this myth was, in fact, Ms. Flint's very own "Eco-towns - living a greener future" ...

Section 2. What are eco-towns?

3. Key criteria for eco-towns.

(i) Eco-towns must be new settlements, seperate and distinct from existing towns but well linked to them. They need to be additional to existing plans, with a minimum target of 5,000 homes.

No mystery there!

She didn't read it, she only wrote the foreword.

Ok, I know this is nit-picking, but to me this is a shining example of the double-speak, spin and general lack of credibility that have dogged this sorry government initiative from day one.

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