Thursday, 12 June 2008

Never in the fields of West Sussex

I was walking the dog at the top of Ford Airfield just the other evening, and I found myself thinking about its wartime history; about the dozens of personnel killed and injured when it was bombed without fighter support, and the young men of 23 Squadron climbing into their cockpits, and taking to the skies.

What were they fighting for?
Quite simply, it was for their people, their homes, their way of life and democracy.

Then I thought about what we are fighting for right now, and I found myself paraphrasing Winston Churchill:
"Never, in the fields of West Sussex, has so much been threatened for so many, by so few."

I make no apology for meddling with a speech that has come to epitomise everything that was strong and good about this country. Although our struggle may seem small compared to those dark days, the principles are the same.

We are also fighting for our people, our homes, our way of life and democracy.

Thanks to Keith Chenery for posting this in.

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