Thursday, 29 May 2008

When 10 becomes 9...

It appears that the developers of the Ford Airfield Eco Town are making it up as they go along. In the proposal they inform us, “The existing 180mm diameter medium pressure gas main along Yapton Road is a strategic supply main for the Arun district. New development at Ford would easily connect to this existing gas main which passes through the development site and by reinforcement to the existing district gas network”.

On page 6 of the Bognor Observer (22 May), and various other Sussex news papers, Ford Airfield Eco-Town printed 10 facts we should know. Fact 9 is an interesting one - "The Eco-Town will generate all its energy from renewable resources and will generate significantly more than it will require. All surplus energy will be sold back to the National Grid". Wow - that is visionary, gosh I wish I thought of that!

The same ads appeared in various Sussex papers today - but instead of "10 facts you should know about Ford Airfield Eco-Town" it now reads, "some facts about local housing". Guess what - the one essential thing that would make Ford Eco-Town green and energy efficiant is now missing - Fact 9 published on May 22nd!

Does this mean the developers are going to connect to the gas main which is carbon polluting and non renewable? Your guess is as good as mine. I'll use that word again - Econtradiction - nicely sums up everything about this Eco-Town flim flam! Perhaps they would like to drop Mr Gummidge an email explaining their plans...

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