Tuesday, 9 November 2010

178 new homes for Yapton

Do they have it in the bag?

From the Bognor Observer website - Residents’ protests have failed to stop a firm seeking to build almost 200 homes in Yapton.

MJ Gleeson Group has decided to go ahead with its proposals for top-grade farmland on the north side of Burndell Road despite near-unanimous objection to its proposals.

Only two of the 102 villagers who responded to its informal consultation backed the intended development. The other 100 were firmly against the idea. Read more here...

Looks like someone is telling fibs, the headlines says '178 new homes for Yapton', yet the planning application is for 173 homes... http://www.yaptonpc.gov.uk/planning-app/wlpa2010-43.htm

Remember, 'almost 200 homes'... Things could go from bad to worse for every village in the country if this gets the green light...

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Unknown said...

This is possibly the worst idea put to the planning team as of yet there is nowhere near enough roads to facilitate these houses and the drainage is just not good enough either. Before anything we need roads burndell road is all ready far too busy. I moved to the area 3 years ago and now live in Johnson Way and I can already fell the village atmosphere fading. My daughter goes to Yapton CoE school and her class her year has two teachers due to over the legal amount of children per class. This obviously will make it even worse as the school is tiny and over subscribe already.