Monday, 9 March 2009

FInancially viable - I don't think so!

Let's face it, our politicians do not have a good record of financial judgement recently. So taking time off from failing to regulate the banks, they have now published a Financial Viability assessment of the proposed eco town sites.

For Ford they say "The promoter is also yet to fully develop their rail strategy for the project; but initial proposals suggest the provision of a new station or loop, and an adjacent parking facility of 500 spaces" Now like me you are probably struggling with this - I thought they said there'd be community transport and cycling - now there are 500 cars! How eco is that! "The proposer has costed this at £2.5 million." The document then goes on to say that they think this figure is too little, and that more money should be provided for the station and EVEN MORE PARKING!

Revealing yet more of the eco fakery going on here, and the inconsistencies within the swathes of documentation coming out of the DCLG and the Ford Airfield Vision Group, in this particular report the ROADS ARE BACK!

"At the time of writing the promoter has not proposed a transport solution for addressing the impact the development could have on local roads and the strategic network that is acceptable to the Department for Transport/Highways Agency" - yes we've been saying that for nearly a year now!! However they are proposing to spend £41 million on roads! That link to the A27 is back - in this document at least! Oh, and the one to the A259!

Honestly - this is farcical! And at the end of this, incredibly, they conclude that the scheme has the potential to be financially viable! Presumably, these are the same people who thought that our financial system was in a robust health not many months ago!

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