Friday, 13 February 2009


I read this letter tonight and I nearly laughed the straw out my socks!

Just another desperate mishmash of soundbites... "It seems to me that the government has, for once, shown the sort of leadership that is required in these extremely challenging times", erm - is this the government who have spectaclulary failed on social housing?

"People must be educated to accept that the times of profligate waste and excessive use of fossil fuels must end. The stunning idea of planned Eco-Towns is a positive step in the right direction". Building on GRADE A farmland is the way forward then?

"There is very little time to rescue this nation from the approaching calamity of severe fuel shortages, and the global warming threat". I'm shitting my pants now!!! Is this person person for real? Either he knows something we don't or is an expert in fear mongering maybe?

Mr Gummidge loves these soundshites... "There would be high-grade employment virtually on-site". Mr G - guffaw guffaw, show me the proof..! "The houses are planned as affordable homes, not just fancy, executive ones". Mr G, Aaaah ha ha ha ha ha, show me the proof..! "There is planned to be considerable capture of energy from re-cycling of waste products on-site, and even if not completely self-sufficient, at least a good percentage could be recaptured and re-used. There will no doubt be several wind turbines and a possibility of some energy from the flow of the River Arun". GLOMPS! Why didn't I think of that instead of wasting my life chasing crows?

Mr G thinks these minority pro Ford Eco-Town soundbites are becoming desperate scroungebites... Please invite me round for a cup of tea and a nice slice of cake Mr Watson? After all I live up the road from your calamity of fuel shortages and global warming threat...

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Wontbedruv said...

I had a good laugh at that letter too, whoever wrote that clearly has swallowed govt and favg spin lock stock.
It's almost as if Margaret Becket had parked her caravan in North Bersted and written to the local paper under an assumed name.
No doubt the author still believes that WMD will be found in Iraq.