Thursday, 14 August 2008

Caroline Flint's super-powers exposed!

What a give-away .... there we all were, thinking that Caroline was just another cabinet minister, when under that mild-mannered and unassuming exterior lies a super-hero with extraordinary visual powers.

In a snappy little riposte to the Littlehampton Gazette's comment in last weeks edition, where it was stated that she had refused a tour of the proposed eco town site, she wrote ...

"I certainly did view the site. When I first arrived in Yapton, I viewed the whole site from the former runway of Ford airfield. This was enormously helpful in my subsequent meetings with developers, local authorities and MPs"

I could walk for an hour and not see the whole site, while Caroline can stand on the Ford runway and without the need for binoculars or photo-opportunities, survey the entire scene!

A truly remarkable woman, capable of remarkable feats, and I cannot but wonder what other powers she possesses.
Maybe she can shrug off bullets?

I hope so, because she just shot herself in the foot!

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